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ESE370: Learning & The Brain

The author recommends all of the following as strategies for reducing cognitive load EXCEPT (Points : 1)

[removed] pattern construction in music.
[removed] making acronyms.
[removed] concentrating on one modality.
[removed] creating schemas.

In a study of brain activation in 55- to 74-year-olds during Internet searches, scientists found (Points : 1)

[removed] no significant brain changes in either net-savvy or net-naïve participants.
[removed] significant increases in brain activation for both net-savvy and net-naïve participants.
[removed] significant increases in brain activation for net-savvy participants only.
[removed] significant increases in brain activation for net-naïve participants only.

Gestalt theory says, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” How does this axiom apply to the human brain? (Points : 1)

[removed] The human brain cannot process all types of information.
[removed] Humans process multiple bits of information to make a meaningful whole.
[removed] The human brain can break down a meaningful whole into meaningless parts.
[removed] It takes many sensory events to produce one meaningful thought.

Which of the following is NOT a good example of a skill-building intervention in patterning for young students? (Points : 1)

[removed] Reading Dr. Seuss books aloud
[removed] Singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”
[removed] Describing favorite holidays
[removed] Sorting shapes with Tangrams

With regard to memory, what does the “What color is this page?/What does a cow drink?” exercise prove? (Points : 1)

[removed] A weak memory circuit in long-term storage outperforms a recent memory.
[removed] A recent memory outperforms a strong memory circuit in long-term storage.
[removed] A strong memory circuit in long-term storage outperforms a less-frequently used memory circuit.
[removed] A less-frequently used memory circuit that is recently recalled outperforms a long-term memory.

What is the major goal of educational neuroscience? (Points : 1)

[removed] Increase the number of teachers who are certified in science.
[removed] Train teachers to be more aware of their own learning styles.
[removed] Use principles from neuroscience research in the classroom setting.
[removed] Help teachers distinguish between left- and right-brain learners.

Why is it that most people are not capable of adding 7/17 to 11/83 using mental math? (Points : 1)

[removed] Most people have not been trained in mental math.
[removed] There is no common denominator in that math problem.
[removed] Solving that problem exceeds the capacity of the working memory.
[removed] The fractions are too small for the working memory to understand.

Tanya was feeling drowsy during a meeting at work, but when a coworker accidentally knocked over a chair, she snapped awake. What part of her brain was responsible for making her become awake and alert in response to the noise? (Points : 1)

[removed] Inferior colliculi
[removed] Superior colliculi
[removed] Diencephalon
[removed] Reticular activating system

Brain maturation begins at __________ and then starts to __________. (Points : 1)

[removed] the outskirts of the brain; move inward
[removed] the top of the brain; move downward
[removed] the middle of the brain; move outward
[removed] the back of the brain; move forward

Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of cerebral spinal fluid? (Points : 1)

[removed] To provide a protective coating around the brain that acts as a shock absorber.
[removed] To reduce pressure on the brain by keeping it floating within the skull.
[removed] To carry away cellular waste products from the neural networks.
[removed] To help maintain the ion balance of neural networks.


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