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Evidence-based practice

Medical organizations endorse the standards and recommendations based on evidence-based practice and culture. What are the elements of evidence-based practice and how may evidence-based tools enhance strategy and solve problems in health care organizations? What are some reasons why these integrated practices may or may not be the most efficient ways to practice medicine considering the challenges facing health care organizations in the 21st Century? Cite and reference your resources.
In two separate paragraph respond give your personal opinion to Zachary and Arica
Zachary Rayburn 
To improve quality in healthcare one must apply evidence-based practices according to Troseth (2016). The end goal is to always provide better care than the day before so this practice should always be applied. There are 5 different elements to evidence-based practices, they are, ask, acquire, appraise, apply, and audit according to physiopedia (n.d.). This seems pretty general and easy to follow when put in that format. What is the problem, gather the data, validate the data, apply the new data, and evaluate the results. By using these tools organizations can help improve the quality in healthcare. Which like we said, is the end goal for each organization. I think this is a great practice and should be more widely implemented into today’s healthcare. The issue though according to Troseth (2016) is the mindset of this is how we’ve always done it instead of embracing change. I think that will be one of the biggest challenges is getting people to get on board with it and get out of old habits.
Physiopedia. (n.d.). Evidence Based Practice (EBP). Retrieved from https://www.physio-pedia.com/Evidence_Based_Practice_(EBP)
Troseth, M. R. (2016, June 28). Evidence-based practice: The key to advancing quality and safety in healthcare. Retrieved from https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/quality/evidence-based-practice-the-key-to-advancing-quality-and-safety-in-healthcare.html
Arica Cox 
Evidence-based practice is “ultimately about the nursing practice. A practice grounded in EBP encompasses how we go about caring for our patients; where the integration of best available evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences at the point of care is the dynamic and motivating mindset of each nurse,” (2015). The elements of EBP are used together to ensure that the outcome that a patient experiences is the best. One element is the best available evidence. This is many different areas of resources that can come from being researched or from personal experience that does not require research. Depending on how detailed any given evidence is, there is some evidence that is more reliable than other. Getting the best available evidence shows that a group of individuals have reviewed all evidence that is available to them. Another element is clinical expertise. Clinical expertise comes from the knowledge one has from their own personal experience. Patient preferences is another element of EBP. Because every patient is different not only in who they are but also by their beliefs and what they grew up learning, every patient’s experience is going to be different. This is where patient preferences are always going to be different from one another. When a patient is sick, their beliefs, values, upbringing, family and social support all impact their sickness. “The patient preference component encompasses the sum total of these considerations,” (2015). Evidence- based tools enhance and solve problems in health care organizations by allowing patients care to grow and be specific for patients themselves. It can also decrease the cost that patients have regarding their care. Medical providers also become more educated with the care that they provide their patients from evidence-based practice.


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