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Evolution And Population Dynamics

Evolution And Population Dynamics. An adaptation is a characteristic of a population that develops over time and that proves beneficial to that population in surviving and reproducing in a new habitat. Describe one adaptation that modern humans have made that might not have been shared by our distant ancestors but that allows us to survive and reproduce better in our current habitat. Provide at least one reason as to why you chose that adaptation in your response.

  • Speculate one adaptation that humans might have in the future and the reason for it.
  • Population distribution can be random, uniform, or clustered. In your own words, describe one characteristic that helps define the distribution pattern of the human population in the United States. Next, decide whether or not you believe this pattern is optimum, from an environmental perspective; then, suggest two ways that we could change our population distribution to make it even less environmentally damaging.
    • Debate if population distribution or human intervention has the most impact on the environment. Support your answer with at least one quality resource.
    • Respond to at least one of your classmates. Do you agree or disagree? Support your position with at least one quality resource.

Evolution And Population Dynamics


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