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HSC3002- Project 7 PGS DUE 4/15 *No plagiarism , no copy/paste * include references*     STAY ON TOPIC! Answer all Questions.

Understanding Environmental Health in Totality

Now that you have understood the impact of environmental factors on human health, create a 7- page Microsoft Word document addressing the following questions:

· Describe three waterborne diseases and suggest methods for their prevention.

· Provide one example of a toxic chemical that may enter the public water supply? Describe some of the health effects that are attributed to toxic chemicals present in drinking water.

· What health hazards are associated with uncontrolled and older waste sites in the United States? Describe the processes through which hazardous solid wastes can affect human beings.

· Compare and contrast the current methods for treating sewage from those that were used in the Middle Ages? Historically speaking, what factors spurred the development of today’s sanitary sewage systems?

· Describe the stages for processing sewage. At what stage of processing is it permissible in the United States to dispose of wastewater from sewage into waterways?

· What health-related considerations relate to the use of recycled water? What level of processing is required for wastewater to be recycled? Describe some of the uses of recycled water.

· Even though workers in professional occupations usually are not exposed directly to hazardous agents, they are prone to occupationally associated illnesses. What types of hazards and associated illnesses predominate in professional occupations? What interventions would you propose to mitigate these hazards?

PHE3025- 5 pgs DUE 4/15 *No plagiarism, no copy/paste * include references*

Cognitive Ability

Research Proposal

Visit the CDC website and read the report “Advancing the Nation’s Health: A Guide to Public Health Research Needs, 2006–2015″.

· *TOPIC*—Environmental health

Research about your chosen topic on public health care. Based on your research and understanding, create a research proposal in a 5page Microsoft Word document that includes the following:

· A brief introduction to the chosen topic on public health care

· A brief description of the various components of a research proposal

· The problem statement

· At least five research questions

· An analysis and definition of the research method to be used in your research proposal

· An analysis and identification of the research measures and design methodologies that you plan to use in your research proposal

· A description of different types of threats that you think would affect the validity of your research proposal, and an identification and explanation of the strategies to minimize them.

· A data analysis plan to use to collect data for your research proposal

· A reference page

· A logical data analysis strategy based on the research question and types of data collected

· A conclusion that ties everything together


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