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 MIS500-Assign3 Page 1 of 3 ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Name MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems Assessment Assessment Three – Reflective Portfolio Individual/Group Individual Length 3000 words Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes: d) Develop own professional practice and ethical standards around business problems and implementation of solutions Submission By 11:59 PM AEST/AEDT Friday of Module 6.1 (week 11) Weighting 40% Total Marks 40 marks Context: The assessment suite in this subject is built on top of skills you are building in your learning activities. Although the learning activities do not carry any assessable weight by themselves, completing them and seeking input from your peers and the learning facilitator is essential for you to achieving a positive result in the subject. Before beginning this assessment, be sure that you have completed the learning activities in all of the modules. Instructions: As you begin this subject, start and keep a learning journal that you add to during the process of learning about the foundations of information systems. A suggested format for the learning journal is as follows: Date Learning Activity Impact Evidence (You are free to have another format of your choosing, and if you do, the following comments will need to be adjusted.)  MIS500-Assign3 Page 2 of 3 For each day in your learning journey, write the date and then the learning activity you engaged in. Detail what impact the learning had on you and then include any evidence you might like to keep later. This journal should be appended to this assessment when you submit it. To do this assessment well, you will need to engage in reflective analysis. Reflection is what happens when you are quiet and calm and have appropriate time to study and is how you integrate the materials in this subject with what you already know. Sometimes the materials may challenge what you already know, and at other times it may create new knowledge, opinions or ways you will integrate into your professional practice. Reflection is not a cursory comment about a learning activity but instead is an authentic assessment as it involves you being vulnerable, allowing your personal beliefs and the way you perceive the world around you to be challenged and, if necessary, changed by what you learn. An important element of reflection is your incorporation of your belief system, your morals and ethics as well as how you view the impact of information systems on people. Toward the end of the trimester, take your learning journal and then build a narrative that summarises the journey you undertook while studying this subject. You should refer to specific journal entries and/or extracts from learning activities to demonstrate your learning. There is no required format for the assessment. Students should use initiative and be sure to conform to the APA referencing style, making use of external sources as appropriate. Be sure to bookend your assignment with an introduction and conclusion. You may also like to append your learning activities or other artefacts that demonstrate the attainment of your learning or the ways in which the learning materials have affected you personally. Submission Instructions: Do not leave this assessment to the last minute! You are expected to begin this assessment when you begin the trimester, especially as you relate the learning activities (formative assessment) to this and the other (summative) assessments. Be sure to keep several drafts of your work as well as your notes and any sources you used to draw on in preparing it. Although the journal is not part of the word count in this assessment, to get the level of richness required, it is expected that it will be approximately twice the number of words in the assessable component of the assessment. Be sure to build a narrative as your learning journal on its own will not be read. Extensions will be considered only in extenuating circumstances where the student has applied before the due date. At that point, students are required to provide the latest draft, in case the extension is not granted. Students are responsible for keeping appropriate back-ups and drafts of their assignments and to submit the correct version. Torrens University Australia policies apply to the preparation and submission of this assignment.  MIS500-Assign3 Page 3 of 3 Learning Rubric: Assessment Three Assessment Criteria Fail (Unacceptable) 0-49% Pass (Functional) 50-64% Credit (Proficient) 65-74% Distinction (Advanced) 75 -84% High Distinction (Exceptional) 85-100% Cogency and completeness of learning journey 40% The learning journey has been cursorily put together and needs significant work in scoping and recounting how the student has developed. The scope of the report needs significant adjustment and the student needs further work in demonstrating how they have changed as a result of undergoing the subject. The scope of the learning journey may need to be adjusted or the account provided may need more imagination as to how the subject developed the student. The learning journey has a scope that is good and includes a very good account of how the student changed as a person and as a professional. The learning journey narrative has been scoped well and includes a complete account of how the student changed, both as a person and a professional. Depth of learning journey demonstrated in the narrative 40% The learning journey has been cursorily put together and needs significant work in demonstrating how the subject has developed the student. The learning journey has a passable level of detail; more work is needed to demonstrate how the subject has changed the student as a result of undergoing it. The learning journey shows an average level of depth; there may not be any vulnerability or detail in how they have changed as a result of undergoing the subject. The learning journey has a good level of depth and the student has shown a hint of vulnerability as well as good detail in how they have grown as a person and as a professional. The learning journey is chronicled to an appropriate depth and the student has shown vulnerability as well as significant detail in growing as a person as a professional. Use of artefacts to support demonstration of learning journey 20% It may be obvious that the student has not completed self-directed study or completed the learning activities. Significant more work is needed to demonstrate the work the student did in the subject. The student can be seen to have made an attempt to refer to work they have done in their study of the subject to illustrate their journey. The assessment includes a good number of references to work the student has previously done in the subject to illustrate their journey. The assessment includes a very good number and frequency of references to work the student has previously done, to illustrate their journey. The assessment includes numerous references to the learning journal and learning activities throughout.


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