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Geography homework help. 1. OBJECTIVE
This assignment has two objectives:
• To obtain a broader sensibility for the role of geographic information in our society,
• To train critical reading and thinking about the use of information.
This assignment encourages you to critically read and assess the use of geographic
information in the daily news of the media. Besides of its omnipresence, geographic
information is frequently presented to support a political, social or economic argument.
The use of information is rarely neutral, and the way it is presented is not neutral either.
Your review should reveal such agendas, and think about objectively challenging or
supporting the presented information by evidence.
Select an online newspaper article of your choice, published within in the 27
th April – 3
May, from any English-speaking media around the world (note: blogs, weather forecasts
and scientific articles are out of scope).
4. Content of your report
The discussion paper should cover:
• The full reference of the newspaper article.
• The identified geographic information in the article: the sort of data, the source of data, and
the authors of the data.
• A discussion whether this information is properly referenced, and whether it is objectively
testable or just inaccessible. Search on the web for data that could be used to validate the
given information. Which data are you looking for? What sort of analysis would be necessary
for a test?
• A discussion of the use of the geographic information in the argument of the article: is the
argument made properly? If statistics is used, is it used comprehensibly? If graphics are used,
are they used objectively? And if graphics are used, is there a clear link between the graphics
and the text?
• If possible, check whether your article is followed up by other articles, or discussed differently
in other media (only with respect to the geographic information, of course).

Geography homework help


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