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BONUS ASSIGNMENT: FILMS & EVENTS!Choose one of the following options:  1) Write about 2 films to earn up to 10 points (total). 2) Write about 1 film & 1 scholarly event that you attend to earn up to 15 points. 3) Attend and write about 2 scholarly events to earn up to 20 points.  – Submit on Eagle Online/Canvas.       – Due date: Check syllabus schedule. Task: Write at least one page (double-spaced) on your reflections on each film or event, preferably including themes related to what we covered in class. You do not need any citations or a bibliography. This is not to be a summary of the movie or event only. Summaries only = half-credit. The write ups should be roughly half-summary, half-reflection. The write-ups must include a few specific examples from different parts of the film or event (outside of the movie previews). Options for attending events (visit to VR lab at HCC will also count as an “event”…see instructions on next page): The events must be educational, led by a scholar/professor, and should relate to this course. I will announce some options during the semester, but if you see advertisements for any scholarly talks that relate to our class, you may attend them as well. You do not need to sign any attendance form; your write-up will suffice. If you attend a film that is shown on campus with a scholar discussing the film with the audience, you can use that as an “event” for this assignment, so long as a major part of your write-up is about the discussion. If your write-up mostly focuses on the film itself, it will count as a film write-up. Options for films to watch: Some of the film options are below, and the rest will be announced during the semester. Most of these films were shown on various college campuses where I attended or instructed, as part of a campus-wide initiative to spread awareness of environmental, cultural, political, and economic issues. The ones that related most to this course are included in the following list.Most films can be found on Amazon, I-Tunes, or Netflix (streaming or at least on DVD). The country/region in parentheses is where the film takes place. *Be aware that some films may contain language/scenes not appropriate for children to view.*Film options: Before the Flood,  Chasing Ice, A Plastic Ocean, Chasing Coral, Mission Blue, A City Dark, The Human Element (2019)Any 2 episodes of “Our Planet” on Netflix The Island President
Instructions for visiting VR lab at HCC: 1. Sign up to make an appointment a lab here (may need to copy & paste address, and you’ll see options for campuses on this website): https://hccxrlabreservation.as.me/schedule.php2. At the lab, ask them to show you at least two locations using the Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. Also ask them to show you Google Earth.3. Provide a one-page, double spaced write-up answering the following questions: – Which places did you go using the VR headset? What did you look at on Google Earth? How was the experience?- How might Virtual Reality experiences be of benefit to studying Geography? What do you think are advantages and disadvantages? 4. Submit the write-up to Canvas by the Bonus Assignment due date.


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