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Assignment 4:  Climate Science – Critical Analysis of Arguments (24 total points)
This assignment is due no later than Sunday, Nov 22nd at 11:59 PM. Upload the completed assignment to the Assignments folder on d2l labeled Assignment 4, as a doc, docx, or pdf file. No late assignments will be accepted.
In this assignment you will be using the website http://www.skepticalscience.com to discuss one of the most used arguments against human caused global warming.  Your task is to choose ONE of the most used climate myths, listed on the left side of the website next to the thermometer, explain what the argument says in your own words, and thoroughly explain why this argument does not hold up against the scientific evidence.
Only the top ten are listed, but if you click on View All Arguments at the bottom of the thermometer you can see a list of 173 myths.  You may choose from any of these, or one of the top ten listed next to the thermometer.  Browse a few that interest you and make sure you understand one thoroughly before selecting it as your topic.  You will have to cite and discuss at least one data set that debunks the climate myth you choose.  Answer each question below completely and thoroughly.  WRITE YOUR OWN ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  If you work with another student it will be tempting to “share” information.  Do not turn in papers with the same answers word for word (or even very similar words) or you will be written up for cheating.  Do your own work!

  1. Which Most Used Climate Myth did you choose to discuss? Please list the title as seen on the website (e.g., #23 “It’s freaking cold!” or #20 “Al Gore got it wrong” or #8 “Animals and plants can adapt.”) (1 point)


  1. Click on the climate myth you chose and explain in your own words what the skeptic argument is (i.e., summarize the myth in your own words) (3 points)

Carefully read what the science says about this climate myth.  First read the Basic description (green tab below What the science says…).  You may need to click on the blue Intermediate tab or black Advanced tab to get more detailed information, and see data, for your discussion below.  You should also google the myth and explore what other sources come up, and what they say about the myth.  Keep a list of three other sources that pop up when you google your chosen climate myth.

  1. List of three additional sources, and brief 1-2 sentence summaries of what those sources say about the myth (do they support or refute the myth and why): (2 pts each = 6 pts total)




  1. List and describe TWO arguments that are based on scientific evidence that disprove your chosen climate myth. For each scientific argument you must, in your own words, explain what it says or demonstrates, and reference the data the scientists cite. DO NOT SIMPLY COPY THE WORDS FROM THE WEBSITE!  Summarize in your own words.

Scientific argument 1 (1 pt):
What it says/demonstrates  (3 pts):
Data cited (2 pts):
Scientific argument 2 (1 pt):
What it says/demonstrates  (3 pts):
Data cited (2 points):

  1. After exploring the website and other websites, what do you think is one way you can, as an informed citizen, be confident in data or information presented to the public? For example, what is a strategy you can use to critically analyze information, or what is a way you can ensure soundness of a source, etc.? (2 pts)



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