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Goals and Objectives

  • Identify and describe health issues for vulnerable populations in the United States
  • Identify and describe health policy options aimed at vulnerable populations in the United States
  • Locate and use information from credible and reliable sources to inform yourself about public health and health policy issues
  • Communicate public health information effectively in written form

Activity & Topic

Research the vulnerable population or sub-populations below that is listed. The team will research that population to identify specific health issues that the population faces as well as at least one example of a health policy aimed at addressing that specific issue.
Teams 1 – 5 : Hispanic population


Based on your research, prepare a response to each of the items below.
PART I – Describe a specific health issue faced by the population.  Include in your description:

  1. WHO is being most impacted by this health issue?
  2. WHAT is the nature of the health issue? (Use statistics that demonstrate the magnitude and/or severity of the issue)
  3. WHY is the problem occurring?
  4. HOW is this population impacted by the health issue?

(Tip: Remember the health determinants and the wide variety of issues that can be considered health issues.)
PART 2 –  Discuss at least one health policy (law or regulation) that is aimed at addressing the health issue you have identified in Question #1.  Include in your discussion:

  1. IDENTIFY the policy and what it does.
  2. WHAT is the goal of the policy?
  3. WHICH health determinants does it impact?
  4. HOW does it help address the health issue?

When you post your response, make sure to number each part of your response to coordinate with the questions presented. 

Sources & Citations

You should identify at least three of your own sources to support your responses.  This does not include your textbook.  You should cite your textbook if you rely on it for your responses, but it does not count as one of your three sources.  Government websites, professional associations, and health policy groups are great sources of information.  Avoid unknown sources of information that may not be credible or reliable.
Using in text citations is required in addition to your list of sources at the end.  Review APA format if you are not sure how to cite a source.  Here is a resource on citing Internet sources. https://poorvucenter.yale.edu/writing/using-sources/citing-internet-sources


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