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Graded Quiz 2.2: Homonyms

Choosing the right homonym for a sentence will make sure your ideas are correctly understood by your audience.
Read the following passage, and then choose the homonym that best completes each of the sentences.
It was a worm, humid day in the jungle when Gale the Guerilla ventured out from his nice warm bed. On his nightstand, he saw a pitcher of the love of his life: Olive the Orangutan. She was absolutely beautiful! Big brown Is, a soft golden brown cote, and long slander eyelashes. She was bearly 6 feet tall, which is pretty short for an orangutan, but Gayle didn’t mind. He loved the way Olive’s head fit right under his own black-beerded chin; even from the top, she was just to cute! And at seven feat, five inches, Gale had a grate view of her short brown pony tale, witch bounced with every step she took.
Gale sighed as he looked at her. She must bee heaven scent!
He terned to look out of the window. It was a brite, sonny day, and suddenly, he new just what to do with it. He wood take Olive on a picnic! He leaped out of bed and quickly pulled on his cloze. All the wile, ideas swirled around in his head. He new he kneaded a blanket, some food, and – of course – something to give his love.
“Flours,” he thought to himself. “I will bring her some flours in a nice glass vase!”
Snapping the last of the buttons on his suspenders, Gale flu out of the room to hurry and gather the supplies. Butt on the weigh to the kitchen, Gale tripped and fell over the old wooden Cher that jutted out into the hall.
“OUCH!” Gale cried, fur his head hurt very much. “I half got to learn two be more care full!”
He carefully stood up and began to make his whey toward the kitchen once moor. Once their, Gale started to rummage threw the cabinets, searching four bred, bananas, and peanut butter. He was going to make sandwiches! The only problem was that Gale didn’t know exactly how to make sandwiches. He tried pooring the peanut butter out of the container, but it wood not come! Then, he tried reaching his pa into the jar, but it would knot fit! Next, he tried scooping it out with the bred, but the bred crumbled. Faced with a counter covered in bred crums and steal no peanut butter out of the jar, Gale didn’t know what to due!
“Aha!” he thought. “I no!”
He picked up a banana, pealed it, and then poked it down into the jar.
Shore enough the banana was able to get some peanut butter! Using his flexible fingers, Gale wiggled the banana around in the peanut butter jar. Win he pulled the banana out, he had a grate big glob of peanut butter on the end of the banana. Being the intelligent guerilla that he was, Gale realized he could use the banana like a knife now. So, he grabbed a new piece of bred and began trying to spread the peanut butter on the bred. But under the pressure of his furry fingers, the banana snapped in half, moving the grate glob of peanut butter from the yellow fruit to his already sticky appendages.
“Oh, this is just grate!” Gale sighed allowed. “Trying to make sandwiches is going to make me go bananas.”
Disappointed, Gale slumped over the counter, staring blindly at his peanut butter coted pa. Minutes later, however, his expression brightened. He had an idea. Taking another piece of bred from the sac with his clean pa, he began to spread peanut butter over it with his fingers. It worked! Seconds later, he had a hole peace of bread liberally coted with the delicious brown spred. He quickly slathered it on several more peaces, and soon his peanut butter, banana, and guerilla fir sandwiches were complete.
Leaving them on the counter, he left the kitchen in search of his favorite picnic blanket. It was a read, blew, and white checkered blanket. This blanket had been with Gale threw out his childhood, and he new that Olive really liked it as well. After all, it was they’re picnic blanket! He was certain that she would appreciate his thoughtfulness for remembering to bring this blanket. Folding it neatly, Gale placed it in the bottom of the picnic basket that was sitting on the countertop, just waiting for the day when it wood be used again. He then tucked the sand wishes on top.
Now he only kneaded to get the flours for his love. He opened the baking cupboard and pooled out a bag of all-porpoise flour. Setting it down on the counter, he looked at it closely.
“Hmmm,” he thought to himself. “That doesn’t seem rite.”
Gale glanced out the window at the see of wild flours growing in his backyard. He looked back at the bag of all-porpoise flour. He just didn’t no witch kind of flour Gayle would like better. He held the bag of flour up to his nose and smelled it. He wasn’t sure why it smelled the way it did. Wasn’t it supposed to have a sweet sent?
“May bee I just didn’t breathe deeply enough,” he thought.
He held the sac up to his nose again, took a grate big breath, and then…..sneezed! Flour went everywhere. His sleek fur cote was covered in the powdery white substance.
“Oh, know,” he cried allowed. “I can’t go sea Gayle like this! Shill think I’m a ghost, for peat’s sake!”He frantically tried to brush the flour from his fur but only succeeded in spreading it around more. In a madder of seconds, he aged 10 years. Steal trying to brush the flour off himself, he reached towards the sink.
“I no! I’ll just squirt myself off with this hoes hear.”
He turned on the water and held the hose aloft. A stream reigned down over him, sending rivulets of white running down his arms and legs. In know thyme at all, he was clean but very, very wet. With water steal falling from his body, he scampered down the hall sew he could get a towel.
Opening the bathroom door, he pulled a big, blew fluffy towel from the hook and began to dry off.
“Phew,” Gale said with a sigh of relief as he dried himself off. “Olive better appreciate all that I’m going threw fur her!”
Then, he smiled to himself. He new Olive would love his surprise. Anxious to get going, he pulled on a new pair of blew genes and added his new read suspenders. He wanted too look extra-spiffy! A quick glance in the mirror proved that he had achieved his goal. He scampered back down the long hall toward the kitchen, beeing careful to avoid the Cher this thyme.
He snatched up his picnic basket, witch now contained his blanket and his sandwiches, and, leaving the flour on the counter, dashed out the back door.


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