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Graded Quiz 8.2: A Different Look At The Mail

Read the following letter and analyze the solicitation for Lima Bean Green Toothpaste. Answer the questions that follow by choosing the answer that best satisfies the question.
Dear Resident:
Join the millions of trendy tooth brushers who have discovered the whitening, brightening, cavity- fighting power of new and improved Lima Bean Green Toothpaste!
You’ve probably heard the jingle from our television commercial:
“Lima Bean Green makes your teeth sparkling clean, it helps keep them healthy and white, shiny, and bright.”
The best thing about it is that it’s absolutely true! We stand back behind our toothpaste with 100% money back guarantee. There is nothing to lose, only bright white shiny teeth to gain.
Just imagine. The love of your life walks up to you, and you smile, a bright white smile. The time the two of you spend together is perfect because of your dazzling white teeth. Other brands of toothpaste might promise you “dazzling white teeth,” but those corporations are deceiving you. Only Lima Bean Green Toothpaste will give you the smile you desire.
Enclosed is a free trial size of Lima Bean Green Toothpaste. Try it for yourself, and you will see the difference. Lima Bean Green is the only way to clean; it will give you a smile worth being seen!
Aspen L. Bean, President, Lima Bean Green Toothpaste


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