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  1. I am in the healthcare field and currently I work for a doctors office. The providers I work with specialized in family medicine and internal medicine. Piedmont is who I work for (far as the company), the actual name of the office is PPG Towne Lake. 
  2. An agency problem I see is when it comes to scheduling appointments. Piedmont has become very big on wanting patients to schedule appointments online for ratings and convenience, although in some cases it does help and in others areas it really hurts the office. In my opinion anything that can make checking in and checking out patients is always appreciated. However the problem lies in when the patient think they have made an appointment online, but get to check in and the appointment was never enter correctly. Another issues is patients schedule online and book an slot for an office visit, but the doctor says he/she needs an physical. Make a long story short although the online booking can be a plus in areas, it also can cause so many unnecessary issues and encounters.
  3. Over all the dimension and layout does work well for the job we perform as a team, I would like to suggest if they could have more pacific signs that explain where to check in and where to check out. Also they should have make all three walls glass so patients are able to see that their are 3 checkins and not just two. The wall is blocking people view and this causes lines, and so many unnecessary issues up front. 
  4. Over all I am not to familiar with the compensation packages personally. I have heard that you can and will receive a package as long as a employee has met the guidelines. To my knowledge you must have been with the company for a certain amount of years and have time but up in order to receive benefits. In my opinion I believe as long as a person/employee has done his/her job and has deserved to earn what is rightly theirs no issues should be considered what so ever!
  5. When discussing individual performance certain things are not allowed and an employee is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner while in a place of business. Piedmont stands strong on there beliefs and employee performance as a whole is very important. I too must agree to this because we are here to be of service to patients. Providing and giving patient care is one reason the healthcare field is so in demand. People are in need of help and any employee performance should be based on giving a helping hand.

 Final Paper: 

 In this paper you will focus on the following: 

1. Provide a description of the company at which you work(ed). 

2. Describe an “agency problem” (not just any problem) within the firm and discuss what you think is causing the problem and how the problem might be better controlled. 

3. Describe the job dimensions of the firm and discuss whether or not you believe the current design is appropriate for the firm.  Discuss any suggestions you might have for improving the job design. 

4. Describe the compensation package for executives/employees within the firm and discuss whether or not you believe that the compensation package is effective.  Discuss any suggestions that you might have for improving the compensation package. 

5. Describe the individual performance measures for executives/employees within the firm and discuss whether or not you believe that the performance measures are effective.  Discuss any suggestions that you might have for improving the performance measures.   While these questions focus on the latter half of the course, you should remain mindful of the economic concepts that were developed in the beginning of the course.  An “A” paper will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant topics, completely discuss each of the five points of the paper, use terminology appropriate to the topic, and use word choice, spelling, and sentence structure appropriate for graduate-level work




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