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HBO Alzheimer

HBO Alzheimer. Watch the following videos featuring two different portrayals of older adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Address the questions listed below:

HBO: The Alzheimer’s Project, Grandpa Do You Know Who I Am? (part 3/3) Click here to access.

Gladys Wilson and Naomi Feil. Click here to access.

1. What symptoms of cognitive decline did you notice being displayed by the Alzheimer’s patients portrayed in the two videos? What behaviors did they exhibit? How can you connect the cognitive decline with the behaviors you witnessed? How are these cognitive symptoms and behaviors different from the normal age-related changes you learned about from the concepts studied in your textbook? (Be specific; provide examples and a rationale).

2. What strategies did the caregivers portrayed in the videos utilize to form a connection with their loved one? Why were these strategies successful?

3. If you had to create an educational pamphlet teaching caregivers how to successfully interact with their loved ones suffering with Alzheimer’s, what recommendations would you include? What evidence-based rationale would you provide for your recommendations?

4. Explain what connections you have been able to make between the concepts studied in this week’s assigned readings and the content presented in these video clips.

Read and follow the Discussion Board Post Grading Rubric to ensure your post and follow up comments meet all of the requirements noted there.

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HBO Alzheimer


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