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HIS 105 QUIZ 3

Question 1 

  1. All of the following is true about      the Social Gospel Movement, except

Protestant ministers began to respond   to the problems of an industrialized society in the 1880s.
In their fight for social justice,   ministers focused on ending poverty and prostitution.
Ministers like Washington Gladden and   Walter Rauschenbusch became nationally recognized leaders of the Social   Gospel.
The Social Gospel incorporated the   beliefs of Social Darwinism.
The actions of ministers of the Social   Gospel prompted middle-class citizens to fight for Progressive reform.
6 points
Question 2 

  1. Which of these would have been      most apt to be a Progressive reformer?

A white male living on a rural farm
An owner of a bank in Manhattan
A woman working in a Philadelphia   factory
A middle class woman working as a   teacher in Chicago
A white male factory supervisor in   New York City
6 points
Question 3 

  1. Hull House was founded by

Jane Addams.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
Margaret Sanger.
Alice Paul.
Ida B. Wells-Barnett.
6 points
Question 4 

  1. The Anti-Saloon League differed      from the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in all of the following ways      except

The Anti-Saloon League was far more   political.
The Anti-Saloon League had mostly   male members.
The Anti-Saloon League pushed for   local, mandatory education programs on the evils of alcohol.
The Anti-Saloon League became the   first modern, single-issue lobbying group in the U.S.
The Anti-Saloon league sought to pass   laws on the state and local level.
6 points
Question 5 

  1. Which of these devices was not      designed to expand democratic participation in American politics?

Urban league
6 points
Question 6 

  1. All of the following were part of      the treaty that ended the Spanish-American War except

Spain gave Cuba its independence.
The United States got Guam and Puerto   Rico.
The U.S. gained Hawaii.
The U.S. gained the Philippines.
Spain got $20 million from the U.S.
6 points
Question 7 

  1. Which of these was not a reason      for the onset of the Spanish-American War?

The explosion of the Maine
Spain’s supposed harsh treatment of   the Cubans
An intercepted letter in which the   Mexican ambassador described President McKinley in a very unflattering way
The Rough Riders wanted to make a   name for themselves
Newspapers published graphic details   of Spanish atrocities
6 points
Question 8 

  1. The Open Door policy

was the cornerstone of U.S. foreign   policy in Latin America at the end of the nineteenth century.
caused the Boxer Rebellion and led to   the resignation of John Hay as secretary of state.
would allow all nations to trade with   China on equal terms.
was designed to open Cuba, Latin   America and the Philippines to U.S. trade and investment.
was proposed by the U.S. but rejected   by the Chinese government.
6 points
Question 9 

  1. Alfred Thayer Mahan argued that      the United States would never sustain itself as a world power without

a modern standing army.
a dedicated fund for defense.
competing on an equal basis with   other world empires in trying to accumulate properties.
maintaining its position in the world   as a republic that refused to colonize others.
a large modern navy and overseas   supply bases.
6 points
Question 10 

  1. Individuals such as Josiah Strong      believed that America had a moral duty to

care for the poor and the weak.
set up poor houses across the   country.
militarily help protect small   countries from exploitation.
take Christianity to those who had   never heard of it.
redistribute America’s great wealth   among all the people.


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