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For your final assignment I want you to write a paper locating my own and your family’s history in the broader story of human development and education , political..
So here what I want

So first I want you say that all humans belong to one root if we go back long time ago then you start talking about identity my tribe” Harb (tribe)”

which you find Wikipedia and other recourses. give a background of it. How far it goes, how diverse it is, etc.. then start your body please with my grandfather  who was a baker with no education. 1920s -1950s . say the factors that did not make him have what I have (technology, rescores historic in Saudi Arabia at that time) then 1960s 2000s start talking about my father who had a high school degree. Started as a small employee in the federal reserve bank in Saudi Arabia , then stared his real estate business to help us as family. Again you may talk about political events  that happened in Saudi Arabia.  Last talk about me. Went studying abroad in 2013 in the silicon valley. Pursuing a bachelor computer science degree. In 2013 the economy Saudi Arabia  was soo good that they invested  in education. You can see I wanted to show in the paper how we could shift as human with more resources like technology or education . human development


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