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Law in Action
Each of these assignments asks you to apply the course material by completing a project or providing advice similar to what an actual law student or lawyer might do.  You will conduct research, counsel a client, and outline points of law.  Often these assignments require you to review additional, short assigned videos or documents, which are available in the Law in Action folder located in the Files section on Canvas.
In each case, unless specified otherwise, your answers should be as short as possible and as long as necessary.
The assignments must be submitted in a Word document on Canvas by the Due Date listed on the syllabus.
50 points—Excellent (professionally presented, no errors in legal analysis)
40 points—Satisfactory (solid legal analysis; small grammatical or proofreading issues)
30 points—OK (ideas are good but not fully formed; assignment is sloppy)
20 points—Assignment was submitted but includes multiple errors of law and/or grammar and proofreading issues
0 points—Assignment contains multiple mistakes and is not professionally presented or assignment was not submitted
There are 8 LIA assignments in all, each worth 50 points, for a total of 400 course points.
You have seven days to complete each of these assignments.  Late assignments will not be accepted without a documented medical or religious excuse.  Being sick for one or two days of seven is not an excuse.
Assignment Seven
Review the Documents in the LIA Assignment Seven folder, located in the Files section on Canvas.  Then, thoroughly answer the following.
Like the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, the Tyler v. Hillsdale case involves competing legal and policy considerations. What are the strongest arguments on both sides of this case?  If you were the judge deciding whether Tyler should have access to a firearm, how would you rule based on Constitutional legal principles?  What evidence supports your decision (you may use medical evidence, historical evidence, or other facts)?

Home Law homework help


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