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How do you assess needs, resources and the capacity for health education and/or promotion within the community or globally?

Interview Questions

Students enrolled in COH 300 are required to interview a professional in the field of public health. The interview may be in person, over the phone, or via e-mail. After completion of informational interview, students will write a 2 page summary of the information gathered. Paper must be double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and use APA formatting. Write in paragraphs, not quoting verbatim or writing in responses to the questions.  Submit it online by due date.

Prior to the interview, review the following questions and familiarize yourself with them.


Begin the interview by introducing yourself and explaining why you are calling.  Briefly describe the health problem and target population you are studying.  Ask if they have time to answer questions about their work and how it relates to your topic and if you may use their interview in your paper.


Thank them for their time and conclude the interview.


Include the information you learned in your needs assessment of your paper.  Be sure to properly cite the person and information in your paper.

· Please tell me about yourself and your organization

· Your name is?  Your position or title is?

· How long have you worked here?

· Your organization’s name is?

· What is its mission?

· What services does your organization or department provide?

· What communities are included in your service area?

· Are you familiar with the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) and their seven responsibilities?

· Are you certified?

· If no, would you ever think about becoming certified? Why or why not?

· How do you assess needs, resources and the capacity for health education and/or promotion within the community or globally?

· What type of tools and health models and theories are utilized for this process?

· In what ways do you plan health education and/or promotion?

· How do you implement your plans, or those of others, regarding health education and/or promotion?

· Are your desired outcomes based on Healthy People 2020 goals, or are they individual to your plan?

· What type of research would be conducted for health education and promotion?

· In what ways do you administer health education and promotion?

· Have you served as a health education and promotion resource person?

· There are numerous areas of the community that can benefit from these resources, how are resources shared or divided across the community?

· Is that more specific to the individual fiscal budget goals?

· In what ways do you communicate, promote, and advocate for health, health education and promotion, as well as the profession of public health?

· Are impersonal methods utilized such as via poster/flyers, message boards and websites?

· Or are more personable methods used such as projects in the community, and seminars?

· For those who lack the ability to access some or all of these methods, how do you reach them?

· Looking back on your experiences in the field, your academic career, and any personal matters along the way, both positive and negative, do you feel your initial reason for pursing public health has been/is being fulfilled?

· What would you tell your younger self about the field?

· To prepare for?

· To avoid?

· To pursue?


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