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How is Christian worldview displayed by leaders through trust, openness, shared responsibility, and interdependence to achieve expected results?

Please provide the solutions to each question separately with each references. I need about 150 words for each question                                                       

                                                                 Unit 2

DQ 1

Describe your preferred leadership style, and identify how your Christian worldview may be found in that description.

DQ 2

Suggest the most important elements of a definition of organizational leadership. What is your definition? Explain.

                                                          Unit 3

DQ 1

Applying Edgar Schein’s three levels model of organizational culture (artifacts, espoused values, and basic underlying assumptions), describe how they may be used to assess organizational leadership effectiveness.

DQ 2

Using Peter Senge’s five disciplines of the learning organization, describe what leadership efforts would be required in your organization to begin practicing these five disciplines, and document them both from the organization and from the literature.

                                                            Unit 4

DQ 1

What are the implications of using criteria, such as Baldrige, in assessing organizational culture needs? Explain.

DQ 2

After studying how several leadership assessment formats collect and analyze organizational data, briefly describe your organization, and outline how you would systematically collect and analyze data on its organizational leadership.

                                                              Unit 5

DQ 1

After reviewing the six data-collection methods on leadership practices, identify any trends in the development of organizational leadership theory and practice, and document them with findings from recent leadership research literature.

DQ 2

Identify and describe what measurement methods, instruments and processes may be needed to collect and analyze behavioral data about emerging leadership trends. Why are these important to leadership?

                                                             Unit 6

DQ 1

What is the most effective way to avoid a culture that leads to a learning disabled organization? Why? How are teams important for learning-abled organizations?

DQ 2

As an organizational leader, how would you support a culture of creativity and innovation in your organization?

                                                               Unit 7

DQ 1

What assumptions can you make and substantiate in the literature about the future of leadership?

DQ 2

How is Christian worldview displayed by leaders through trust, openness, shared responsibility, and interdependence to achieve expected results? Explain.

                                                              Unit 8

DQ 1

What do you believe are the most effective collaborative approaches to leadership? Why might coercive leadership approaches be an ineffective way to achieve desired results?

DQ 2

Reflect on three articles you have chosen for the Literature Review assignment. How will these articles help you proceed from here?


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