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how long does it take to develop a standard?

Grading Rubric Sample Table Hints and A Help for this Discusson Question

Class, this question is asking how do organizations develop nursing standards of practice.  Standards of practice are documents that outline minimum levels of performance for nurses in general and for nurses in specialties. The ANA’s Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice is an example of a standard of practice for nurses in general. Standards of nursing practice are accepted nationally and do not differ across states like scope of practice may. The DQ asks you to discuss your states development of standards, but since standards are developed nationally so simply discuss how standards are developed using our resources and readings.   The course design just updated the course, questions, readings and I will report this error/ confusing question to them.

Here is a link to the page that lists organizations  standards of practice to help you grasp the  idea of standards. It lists many  organizations/specialties, each with their own standards.   Recall that other nursing organizations and  accrediting agencies also make standards, but  professional organizations like the ANA’s are more well known, in fact many nurses incorrectly believe that only the ANA makes standards of nursing practice.  This unit is a great opportunity to learn more about standards and explore other professional organizations and learn about their standards


This ANA article on best practices for adopting standards is a great source for learning about the steps in developing standards of nursing practice (please summarize the information in your own words).  Some areas of focus for this question might be how is the need for a standard recognized?  how long does it take to develop a standard? Is there research involved? What must be included/considered?  The source is a cached web site.  If you have difficulty let me know.

be sure to complete all assigned readings prior to posting your answer to the question. Lisa


Grading Rubric

Outline the process for the development of nursing standards of practice for your state,+3

Discussion of the entities involved in developing the standards of practice and +3

Discuss how the standards of practice influence the nursing process for your areas or specialty. +3

Writing and APA


You may post the answers in narrative or use the table I provided below.  Rememer our assigned readings are your best sources for references.


Process for Developing Standards of Practice  


Entities that may be involved  


Influence of Standards of Practice on nursing in your work/ specialty  




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