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how many micrograms should a nurse administer to the child with each dose?

nurse is advising a patient is who receiving codeine sulfate for pain about potential side effects. Which findings is a side effect of this medication?





Excessive amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) act as an osmotic agent in small children and may result in which adverse reaction?

Gum hyperplasia


Cerebral Edema


patient who is experiencing a heart attach is being prepared for alteplase recombinant (t-PA) therapy. Which observation, if identified in the patient. show contraindication fort-PA therapy?





After performing an otoscopic exam of a child, a nurse practitioner prescribes 6.5% carbamide peroxide in propylene glycol drops for the child in which purpose?

To treat infection

As a disinfectant

As a topical anesthetic

To dissolve cerumen

patient who is receiving glucocorticoid therapy is being monitored for side effects, which include

Frequent tremors

Buffalo hump

Loss of all body hair

Skin pallor

patient is taking an insulin injection at 7:00 AM each day. Which instruction should a nurse include in the patient care plan?

Watch for symptoms of hypoglycemia about one hour after lunch

Test your blood glucose one hour after breakfast

Have breakfast within thirty minutes after injection

Have a snack in the mid-afternoon

6-A 5-months-old infant who weights 6.4 kg is to receive digoxin (Lanoxin) 15 mcg/kg/day as a maintenance dose. The health care professional orders the Lanoxin to be given q 12h. Based on this information, how many micrograms should a nurse administer to the child with each dose?


When caring for a child who is receiving prolonged high-dose ibuprofen therapy, which body system should a nurse monitor carefully





When a patient is on oral contraceptive agent, a nurse should instruct the patient to avoid takin which medication





client has a diagnosis of depression is being treated with sertraline hydrochloride. The teaching plan for this patient

Adapt to impaired thermoregulation

Identify recurrence of symptoms

Monitor for signs of hypothyroidism

Comply with a sodium-restricted diet

The administration of a dose of syrup of ipecac should be withheld is a child is experiencing which manifestation?



Low-grade temperature

Dryness of the oral mucosa

health care provider prescribes atropine sulfate for each of these patients. A nurse should

A 30-year-old patient who is experiencing dry mouth

A 45-year-old patient who has urinary frequency

A 75-year-old patient who has narrow-angle glaucoma

A 60-year-old patient who has cardiac-bradycardia


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