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How The Body Works

For each of the following questions, offer a complete answer that is 100% in your own wording. If you need to utilize other sources to sufficiently answer the question, you have my permission to do so. However, you must offer an informal citation for the extra source, and again, ensure that you paraphrase in your own words. (1-5 sentences for each question)
Quiz #1: Under the Microscope and Holding it Together
1. Describe the mechanism of a negative feedback loop – what are its parts, how do they work together, and what is to be achieved?
2. Consider the structure of the epidermis and the cell types we discussed. How do these characteristics contribute to its role of being protective to our bodies?
3. Describe what osteoblasts and osteoclasts are, and how they function in the skeletal system? What is the significance of their opposing roles?
Quiz #2: On the Move and Sensitive Types
1. Take the steps of muscle contraction that we went over and expand on them similarly to how I did in class. How exactly do they connect to one another? You will need to utilize external sources for this question!
2. Imagine that you stepped on a nail. Describe to me how that sensory information gets to the brain, and how a motor response is possible.
3. Imagine that you have a severe head cold – your nose and sinuses are very congested with mucus, and your mouth is dry from needing to breathe through it! Why is it, based on what you learned of the mechanisms necessary for taste and smell, that nothing you eat tastes good? Hint: what needs to happen to these stimuli to get to the receptors?
Quiz #3: Heart of the Matter and In and Out 
1. Imagine you are a red blood cell. You are just finishing your journey through the vena cava and are about to enter the heart. Tell me what path you would take through the heart to get to the lungs – what would happen in the lungs – and then how you would continue to get to the body! You may do this in a paragraph, draw a diagram, or use the arrows that I typically use.
2. Imagine your favorite food. Tell me what molecules (protein, carb, lipid) you believe are in that food, and then describe where and how each part of your food would be broken down in your digestive tract.
Quiz #4: Fit and Healthy and Chemical Balance 
1. Imagine that you are a menacing bacterium who made it through the first line of defense; the skin. Now, you are up against the mechanisms of the second and third lines of defense. Please share one element from each of these lines of defense and how it tried to stop you on your path through the body of your victim!
2. Choose one of the hormones that we discussed in class, one that really interests you, and do a little bit of extra research on it using other sources.


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