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How will you evaluate whether your learners met their objectives?

Develop a 2,100-word paper including a lesson plan (lesson plan is included in word count) for an education program that is intended for a particular target audience.  Include learning needs and characteristics of the target audience, outcome objectives including two of the three categories from Bloom’s Taxonomy of analysis, synthesis or evaluation levels.  Include content that will be taught, teaching methods/strategies, evaluation of these methods, and rationale for using each of the teaching methods and evaluation methods. — Use attached week 2 assignment in developing the word paper and lesson plan.


Include in your paper:


a)    Identification of the educational need and rationale.

b)    Identification and discussion of instructional design methods, learner characteristics, and learning theory to support the methods chosen

c)     Identification and discussion of outcome objectives from Bloom’s Taxonomy

d)    Identification and discussion of competencies needed to achieve the identified outcomes

e)    Identification and discussion of evaluation methods.


Include  your lesson plan: (use the table format as shown below)

a) Well formulated outcome objective using higher cognitive outcomes from Bloom’s Taxonomy

b) Goals/learner outcomes for the lesson that relate to the learning objective

c) Instructional methods to be used for delivery.

d)    Instructional materials and resources to be used (articles, videos, handouts, etc).

e)Time frame allocated for teaching each learning objective


  1. Outcome objective: Write your higher level objective here


Learner Goals/Outcomes


Write your learner goals here

Content Outline


Provide an outline of the content you plan to teach here

Method of Instruction


Identify what method of instruction you will use to teach here

Time Frame


Identify how much time each segment of teaching will take




What resources will you use to aid in your teaching?

Method of Evaluation


How will you evaluate whether your learners met their objectives?

  • attachment



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