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How would you begin implementation of the quality improvement initiatives?

discussion forum is designed to explore your thoughts on how to improve the overall quality of care for residents/patients in your healthcare facility. You must create your own thread and response before you can view the other students’ posts.

Respond thoughtfully to the following inquiry/question:

1. Think about and do some independent research on recent publications that discuss quality improvement initiatives in healthcare settings that are having positive outcomes that are supported by data, benchmarks or staff/resident testimonies.

2.  Consider a situation where you are hired as manager of a healthcare facility with poor satisfaction ratings by staff and residents/patients.  In addition, your quality indicators show you are below the national average.

*If you have only one year to initiate one or two quality improvement initiatives, what would they be?

*Why did you make this choice?

*?How would you begin implementation of the quality improvement initiatives

*What are some realistic outcomes that you could expect with a 6 to 12 month timeline?

*How do you know your initiatives have been a success? (you may use a scenario to answer this entire discussion board)

To receive full credit you must:

A. Provide a meaningful, thoughtful and scholarly initial post that is supported by fact/evidence and not just opinion.

B. Provide one supporting source/reference of your initial thread, cited at the end of your discussion board in proper APA format.

C. Proofread and correct any grammar or spelling errors.


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