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how would you feel about working with children within this developmental stage?

Social Workers must be refined observers when interaction with clients. It is a skill that we must develop. This assignment requires each student to conduct an observation of the child (Infant to 11 year old). Student are often nervous are feel awkward when silently observing someone, but this skill is important to build. In the past, student observed a child within the mall, at lunch , church , park, games, etc.

The following questions must be answered in formal paper 4-5 papers

1)Developmental stage observed , age of the person observed (guess, if unknown) Where? Date? Times?

2) What did you see? Describe only what you observed.

3)What are the biological and psychological/ cognitive expectations of this age group?

4)How do your observation “fit” with the developmental task described in #3? Did the child exhibit what is expected, explain.

5) What biological and psychological/cognitive stresses might affect this individual according the text?

6) Based on the observations, how would you feel about working with children within this developmental stage? Why?


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