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QUESTION 3: (20 points)
There are five internal environmental factors in the INTEGRATED CHANGE CYCLE. These five factors when successfully aligned can create a harmonious and very effective workplace. When they are not aligned there can be conflict and poor performance.
The following Internal Environment Impact Rating table shows the ratings of each factor for a medium-sized retail sales company in Vancouver called Zen Zulu.
· Knowing what you know about the definition in class of each of the five workplace factors provide your informed opinion on how the provided rating of each internal environmental factor can impact the ability of Zen Zulu to effectively manage its way through the covid-19 pandemic.
Internal environment impact rating   (Very poor Very good)
Internal   environment factors
Rating (1-5)
Explain in 20 to 50 words why EACH of   the ratings can be good   or bad for Zen Zulu’s   ability to deal with the pandemic.
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