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Evaluate the dynamics of a performance-driven organizational culture.


You are a Human Resources Manager for a Fortune 500 company. Many articles have been written about your company because the company discontinued its use of traditional rating systems within its appraisal review system and immediately witnessed increased employee commitment, reduced turnover, and improved metrics related to organizational goals. Your company was asked to host a workshop to share the dynamics of your performance-driven organizational culture as well as the transition from your previous traditional rating system, options for non-traditional valuations, and organizational benefits that can result from the discontinuance of traditional rating systems.
Since you were a key champion involved in the discontinued use of the traditional rating system at your company, the Vice President of Human Resources has asked you to lead the workshop at the conference to educate attendees on the dynamics of performance-driven organizational culture and the use or nonuse of a ratings-driven appraisal system.


Develop a handout for workshop attendees that:

  • Includes a timeline with the workshop agenda.
  • Describes elements of performance-driven organizational culture.
  • Compares the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional ratings and non-traditional valuations within performance appraisals systems.
  • Discusses employee and organizational benefits that can result from the adoption of non-traditional valuations within a performance-driven organizational culture.
  • Summarizes techniques to overcome resistance and encourage acceptance of non-traditional valuations to develop a performance-driven organizational culture.
  • Provides attribution for credible sources used in the workshop handout.
  • attachment

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