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Module 05: Discussion

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After reading the chapters below, select two topics of interest. Your topics must come from different chapters.

  • Chapter Fourteen: Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Chapter Fifteen: Union-Management Relations
  • Chapter Sixteen: Global Human Resource Management

Find, review, share, and explain two resources on the topics you selected.

  1. Focus on podcasts, Youtube videos, TedTalks, blogs, current articles (that have credibility), or recommend a book that you have read. This is where your time will be invested!
  2. You are tasked with providing a brief (4-5 sentences) original overview of the material covered, as well as including the link.
  3. You must clearly identify the chapter and topic for each resource.

Grading: Each resource and explanation is worth 5 points. You won’t be required to respond to your classmates, but you are encouraged to review all of the information posted to assist in your learning of the information and build your “information library”. The “like” feature is enabled. You will be able to review posts, prior to posting.

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