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Human Resource Management homework help. HA3110D – Quality Improvement and Risk Management
LP04.1 ASSIGNMENT: Self-Improvement Research
Last week, you chose a self-improvement project. This week, you will apply evidence-based research to your project. Evidence-based research is research that has been tested, studied, and proven to be safe; it is not opinion.
Part 1: Background Research
Find at least two (2) scholarly sources or articles about your chosen topic from the NAU Online Library. (For information on what constitutes a reliable source, see the NAU Online Library tutorial “Scholarly vs. Popular.”)
Find at least one (1) reliable website about your chosen topic. (For information on what constitutes a reliable website, see the NAU Online Library tutorial “Finding Credible Websites: Evaluating Internet Sources”)
Use the information from the scholarly sources and website you found to write a 650-700 word research summary. What do these source suggest about the evidence-based methods and techniques for your self-improvement?
Provide a reference list in APA style. (See the NAU Online Library’s “Quick Intro to APA Style” and APA style guide for assistance.)

Human Resource Management homework help


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