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Hysterosalpingography (HSG)

Go to the March of Dimes website and find professional resources. Find their online education and print materials.
After exploring the available resources, select a topic that is important to you. Write a 1 – 2-page paper discussing best practices related to perinatal health. Be sure to correctly format your paper using APA format.
A cover page is complete per APA format,   sources are cited throughout the body of the paper, and references are correctly formatted per APA format, using proper grammar, punctuation,   spelling, sentence structure and word usage. The entire paper shows detail to the topic, and the sentences flow well from one thought to the next.
A minimum of 3 appropriate references is used, including the March of Dimes website. Use the reference list supplied
The topic selected will address something that was seen by the student at the OB clinical site.
The patient’s situation needs to be introduced into the paper. The patient will be referred by initials only.
The topic selected addresses best practices related to prenatal or perinatal health, or prevention/ reduction of prenatal and perinatal morbidity and mortality in the United States, and is clearly introduced in the introductory paragraph.
Risk factors related to the topic are included.
Preventative measures related to the topic are included.
Common medical and nursing care and management are clearly and correctly outlined, and best practices identified.
Teaching topics important to the patient and the family are clearly and correctly outlined.
The topic is clearly summarized in the closing paragraph.


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