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identify the argument for the existence of God that you think is the strongest

Recall from our unit on logic and critical thinking that we are subject to confirmation bias. This is the idea that we notice information that confirms our beliefs and we tend to ignore information that disconfirms them. We also read about Rapoport’s rules. When we evaluate arguments we try to give the strongest version of them we can. We could extend this idea that positions people hold. If we are interested in the truth, then we should consider the strongest argument we know of for that position. Together, Let’s evaluate the arguments for the existence of God that we have studied so far with confirmation bias and Rapoport’s rules in mind.

  • Review confirmation bias
  • Review rapoport’s rules
  • Evaluate the Arguments for the Existence of God

For your initial post, identify the argument for the existence of God that you think is the strongest. Note: this is possible regardless of whether you are actually convinced by this argument or if you actually agree with the conclusion that God exists. Briefly explain why you think this is the best argument of those we have studied. This should take two to three paragraphs (100 words or more each).

You must include an explanation of either Aquinas’ argument or Paley’s argument. Cite page numbers, and include bibliography. These arguments are found in Vaughn, chapter 2.

In addition, explain the objection that you think is the best objection AGAINST the argument for the existence of God that you selected above. Here we are trying to avoid confirmation bias by trying to falsify the best argument in favor of a position. This should be done in another one or two paragraphs (100 words or more each).


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