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Information Security Management #3

1. Security Attributes

For the purposes of this assignment, security attributes can be anything related to Cyber Security.  The “overarching” areas are:  Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Accountability, Auditability, Authenticity/Trustworthiness, Non-repudiation and Privacy.  The security attributes you choose will most likely come from the areas mentioned above.  Examples are:  Mandatory Access Control, PKI, User onboarding, mantraps, honeypots, etc.


  1. Explain briefly any five (5) security attributes by taking examples from every day for illustration and explain why this attribute is justified in the example.  For example if you consider confidentiality then provide an example from every day use where confidentiality is leveraged and explain why is it needed in the example given.
  2. Minimum of 300 words.

2. Information Security

Select a video from https://www.brighttalk.com/ in the security section. You may also use other sites but the video must be publicly available and should be from a credible source. Do not use amateur videos from YouTube.  You may choose a video related to a topic covered in the textbook.

I suggest you view the video more than once and take notes. You then need to provide a brief summary of the video in your own words. Explain what you learned about security from the video and why you selected this particular video. Would you recommend this video to  others? You should include any key points or issues raised. You may research other sources to support your points. Make sure to cite your sources.

Note:  If you are unsure of your video selection, send me the title of the video and a web link. I will let you know if the video is appropriate, but do not wait until the last minute and expect an immediate answer from me. If you would like my assistance, I suggest you to start looking immediately.


  1. You must choose an information security video of at least 5 minutes in length.
  2. Your video must be appropriate (from BrightTalk or another site approved by me).
  3. Summarize the content of the video in “your own words” capturing the key points of the video.
  4. Minimum of 300 words.
  5. You may not use any videos that I have posted so far for this course.


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