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the question down below I want it as MLA format in 1 to 4 hours.
California State University Long Beach
College of Business Administration/ Department of Information Systems
IS 100 Information Technology Literacy for Fall 2020
Homework 4 due on: November 22, 2020
Find a controversial newspaper story posted on the Internet and answers the questions
The Article should be current. Examples of some topics can include:
• International Responses to Covid-19
• The U.S. Stimulus Package

• Americans do they Trust the Media?

• The Economy and recovery
• Stock Market
• Bailouts for large corporations such as Airlines

Questions to answers:
1. What is the main Thesis
2. Is the story slanted toward or against a particular group mentioned in the story?
How is it slanted?
3. Are there instances of loaded or biased language or emotional appeals in the
story or headlines? If so, give some examples.
4. What is the main source of the story?
5. Was there evidence provided to support claims?
6. Did you learn from this article and was it useful?
School re-opening accross America for Gradeschool kids
Oregon Summer Protest
Presidential election or Any Current topic.

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