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Annotated Bibliography + 3 Full Text Articles
Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper
(Advance Residency Assignment assigned week prior to Residency)
Purpose:  You will used these articles for your individual residency paper.
Provide an annotated bibliography listing at least three different authoritative, outside references suitable for use in the residency research paper.   The research articles should address the same emerging trend in data analytics and business intelligence and how the trend is being applied in organizations currently .
Articles you decide to include in for your annotated bibliograph work should be substantive, peer reviewed, come from the full-text University of Cumberlands library (so you can download it)  8-10 pages long, less than FIVE years old, and the subject matter must also be in your text.  Articles that are short, do not provide enough substance to be able to use for RESIDENCY project.  So the articles you seek out in this research and submit need to be 8-10 pages to have enough substance for you to be able to complete your Residency Paper (details on that will be released towards our residency date).
The content of each  annotated  bibliography entry should be a solid 2 paragraphs long minimum. A title page should accompany the Annotated Bibliography followed by the entries.  An example of one entry for annotated bibliography is below.
The three different sources must come from different Academic Journals. Submit your annotated bibliography as a Word document.   Also, you need to acquire full text or pdf copies of all articles and submit them with the annotated bibliography. You will submit the annotated bibliography along with the 3 full text articles in the same submission area  link with your annotated bibliography submitted first using the same submission link located in this module.  You click the link above next to the icon of the assignment to submit your work (upper left).
You no longer need to submit it to the group repository.  These Residency assignment has changed to an individual assignment.  These articles will be used for your own residency paper.
The Annotated Bibliography is with 100 points. All are submitted to this link as different documents with the Annotate Bibliography submitted first.
If you have any questions, please contact me EARLY in the week.  Make sure you have read the examples I have provided.  I can’t say enough that this assignments is quite important and you should put a lot of effort into it as well as follow my instructions above carefully.  Doing so will set you up for success at RESIDENCY.


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