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Watch the Youtube video Deming at Pontiac. Research W. Edwards Deming and the Total Quality Movement (TQM).
Read the article 15 Years Later, Lessons From The Failed AOL-Time Warner Merger found here https://fortune.com/2015/01/10/15-years-later-lessons-from-the-failed-aol-time-warner-merger/
And watch the video How Did the AOL-Time Warner Merger Go Wrong?

Tina Seelig

Research the Aol-Time Warner merger. Consider how Deming and TQM would have dealt with (or avoided) the problems that occurred. What does a TQM initiative look like in an IT department? How would IT support Total Quality at your chosen company?
The paper must be at least 5 pages plus the cover and reference pages and be in APA format.
Each paper must have at least 3 academic sources. Academic sources do not include wikis, message boards, support forums, etc. Do not copy and paste large blocks of text from your sources!
As with any research project, make sure to take a position, defend with works cited, and conclude.


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