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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

  1. It is important to first establish your own ethical code. What do you believe about practices related to ethical use of technology? Write an analysis of your own ethical beliefs related to technology. Differentiate ethical issues from legal issues. (Minimum 1000 words with references in APA format)


  1. Analyze the technology issues surrounding privacy, copyright and ethics. Discuss how you would handle each issue listed below. Include resources to support your reasoning. (Minimum 1000 words with references in APA format)

—An employee is designing a marketing campaign for a small business.  They show you the layout of the campaign that includes video downloaded from YouTube and Vimeo.  Since this will be used for commercial purposes, what do you say to the employee?
—The leadership of a median sized computer supply company tells you that he is concerned that someone is trying to steal company secrets. Therefor, he has started monitoring all employee email.  What do you say?
—A software developer has designed a new software product that will have a major impact on the market. He designed this software on his own time but within the company’s premises and using their hardware. What issues does this present?
—While working on a consulting contract for a large medical complex, you notice that many of the staff are taking pictures of patients and other staff that they later upload to their Facebook.  What issues does this present?

  1. As a technology consultant you will be working with companies doing business abroad. Not all countries have the same ethical beliefs and policies as you. Issues of intellectual property, patents trademarks and trade secrets all arose.  Respond to the below listed situation, stating both the positive and negative factors of operating in Asia.  Be sure to include references. (Minimum 1000 words with references in APA format)

Situation:  A company is considering opening manufacturing sites in Asia.  However, the leadership of the company has heard from other leaders working in several Asian countries that they lost trade secrets and eventually pulled out.

  1. Develop/draft an IT Code of Ethics Policy for a company. This should include:
  2. An Introduction based on need
  3. Policy Statement
  4. Unacceptable Use Policy
    1. Excessive non-priority use of computing resources
    2. Unacceptable system and network activities
    3. Unauthorized use of intellectual property
    4. Inappropriate or malicious use of IT systems and Information
    5. Misuse of electronic communication


  1. Complete the IT Code of Ethics Policy for a company. Include work from # 4,  adding information on:
    1. Enforcement
    2. Disciplinary Action
    3. Resources


Information Systems homework help


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