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You are Alice. You have agreed with your friend Bob that you will use the Diffie-Hellman public-key algorithm to exchange secret keys. You and Bob have agreed to use the public base g = 7 and public modulus p = 941.
You have secretly picked the value SA = 17 You begin the session by sending Bob your calculated value of TA. Bob responds by sending you the value TB = 268.
What is the value of TA
What is the value of your shared secret key?
Can you guess Bob’s secret value SB and what it would be?
Show each and every step of your calculations, if you use Excel for mod calculation include the spreadsheet, for any other method include the screenshot of that method
[without the spreadsheet or screenshot, you will not get the full credit]
for mod calculation, the following identity may be useful
mod(X*Y,p) = mod[mod(X,p)*mod(Y,p),p]
mod ( X^n, p) = mod [mod(X^k, p)*mod(X^m, p), p]; where k+m=n
e.g. mod (X^17, 941) = mod [mod (X^8, 941) *mod (X^9, 941), 941]; where 8+9=17


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