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Topic: Neural Networks
Option I: You can conduct research on a topic related to Data Analytics, or Machine Learning. It is highly recommended that the topic is related to your research area of interest or on a recent/upcoming area of Data Analytics, Machine Learning or the umbrella field of Data Science in general. Your final deliverable will be formatted for submission to a conference.Paper according to template of CFP (Call for papers)/ Conference style.

  • Papers should include the following sections: Introduction, (Literature Review), Methodology, Findings and Conclusion
  • Papers length should be in the range of 5000- 6000 words (excluding references and appendices).
  • Tables/figures/graphs should be inserted as close as possible to the location where they are cited. Headings should be centered for each figure/ graph and should be 12 font size, bold face and all caps.
  • Equations should be placed on separate lines and numbered consecutively, with the equation numbers placed within parentheses and aligned against the left
  • References should be in APA style


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