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Problem Statement:
The implementation of technological applications in organizations depends on the strategies adopted during execution. Imran, Maqbool, and Shafique (2014) conclude that information technology offers synergy to influence employee’s performance positively.
This is not an appropriate Hook Statement…A hook statement is an attention-grabbing statement.  You do not need to have a lengthy sentence.
You do not have an anchor statement.  The anchor statement would have numbers.
The study aims at investigating the implications of technological advances on the outcomes and performance of a company. Informational technology has become an integral aspect of business organization and management. For that reason, organizations should understand how to leverage Information technology to gain competitiveness and overcome everyday challenges. However, the evidence demonstrates that managers of business organizations do not apprehend the fundamental approaches to encourage technology adoption as an integral aspect of operations. This research reveals that there is a knowledge gap by exploring various applications and strategies that could be used by the organization to augment Information technology adoption for enhanced performance in the firm.
You are not using the rubric to write the problem statement.  Please review the rubric below

(1.3) Problem Statement
Please review the video tutorial located @: http://youtu.be/IYWzCYyrgpo to aid you in preparing the Problem Statement.
a. Provides a hook10 supported by peer- reviewed or government citation 5 or less years old from anticipated completion date (CAO approval).  
b. Provides an anchor11 supported by peer- reviewed or government citation 5 or less years old from anticipated completion date (CAO approval).  
c. States the general business problem Note: This element should start as follows: The general business problem is…  
d. States the specific business problem. Be sure to state who has the specific problem (i.e., small business leaders, project managers, supply chain managers, etc.) Note: This element should start as follows: The specific business problem is that some (identify who has the problem)…  


e. Ensures the specific business problem aligns with the research question and purpose statement.
f. Problem Statement should be clear and succinct (It is recommended to be approximately 150 words).



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