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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

Chapter 14 – According to Troitzsch (2005), microsimulation could be described as a form of variant and social simulation that can be seen to be located between and contrasted with system dynamics — with a macro focus and low complexity — on one side, and agent-based modeling — with a behavioral focus often relying on notional rules — on the other (Gilbert and Troitzsch, 2005).  Following these collective research revelations by these authors who share the same ideas, what is the definition of the core of microsimulation?
Q2: According to Gilbert and Troitzsch (2015) what is the definition of the core of microsimulation from this context?

  • identify and name the definition of the core of microsimulation,
    provide a short and clear narrative (no more than 100-words) to support your response based of this case study — Not a general definition from the Internet,
  • attachment


Information Systems homework help


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