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  Innovation Strategy

  Innovation Strategy. There are 2 assignments, this is one of them, and the other one is Personal SOAR Report, which is related to this.  

  1. Assessment 1

              Innovation Strategy (2500 words)

Analyse an organisation of your choice (or unit or department) using relevant models (e.g. Bessant) to determine the current level of innovation. Describe this in the analysis of your organisation. Use the vision and/or mission as a rationale to decide the direction and steps that would need to be taken to increase innovation activity within your organisation. Do a full report on the innovation strategy you’d implement including key outcomes, resource and risk management, and an incremental plan.



The paper contains:

  • A brief description of the salient features of the department/unit or organisation
  • A succinct description of the problem (inquiry)
  • A description of the scope & focus of the innovation
  • Key outcomes
  • Resource & risk management
  • Incremental plan (time, people, strategies, action, resources etc.) (It must contain a table or graph even from references)
  • Core literature informs the argument
  • References (Please use ten to twelve (

Please use appropriate model to describe the school with chart. 

School Vision

Towards a new learning environment that adopts technology in accessing knowledge and, therefore, reaching an understanding to the student, increasing the student’s academic achievement, and supporting the scientific and educational capabilities of teachers and learners.

  Innovation Strategy


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