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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Q1)Research two Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies that have been used to play Backgammon. Describe the theory and concepts used within these strategies and how they relate to AI.

[20 Marks]

Q2) AI has seen rapid growth over the past decade, in particular with great interest in Machine Learning. Provide a summary of the historical evolution of AI and discuss the environmental conditions that have led to the rapid interest and integration of AI over the past decade.

[30 Marks]

Q3) Genetic Algorithms are loosely based on natural evolution. Describe in your own words how genetic algorithms operate. Provide a real-world example not from the notes using pseudo code to clearly demonstrate your understanding. You should include the following:

a) Brief summary of the problem you are trying to solve (in English).

b) Data representation of an individual within your population.

c) Description of how Selection, CrossOver and Mutation operate within your solution.

d) Give a detailed description of the Fitness Function.

[50 Marks]

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