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It Ethics

It Ethics.


In this Assessment you will create a simple argument visualisation using the MindMup software. Write a report which details the argument you construct in your argument visualisation

Choose ONE of the following media articles or case studies:
1. Data Collection: “Harvesting” Personalities Online – An Ethics Case Study

2. Who decides who dies in driverless car accidents?

3. Do We Want Robot Warriors to Decide Who Lives or Dies?

4. If computers think for themselves, should they have human rights?

5. Apps and Privacy – An Ethics Case Study

Now follow the instructions given below to complete the assessment task:

  • Use      the title of the article/case study as the title of your argument      visualisation so that the lecturer knows which article you are analysing.
  • Undertake      further research about your chosen case and the ethical issue involved, to      assist you in analysing it in your argument visualisation (and in your      report in Assessment .
  • Identify      some logical arguments based on the four classical ethical theories      including utilitarianism, deontology, contract, and virtue.
  • Construct      an argument visualisation using MindMup software. Your visualisation should      contain the conclusion, and all of the reasons and objections leading to      that conclusion.
  • Your      argument visualisation should present a logical argument for your      subsequent report in this Assessment . Your report will develop these      arguments based on a deeper analysis of the ethical issue.
  • Your      report should contain all of the arguments contained in your      visualisation, and you should not introduce new arguments in your essay      that are not in your visualisation.
  • When      you have completed your visualisation, download it as a .pdf file and      submit via Turnitin.


MindMup – https://www.mindmup.com/tutorials/argument-visualization.html?orig=/

Philosophy Mapped (argument visualisation information) – https://maps.simoncullen.org/home

It Ethics


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