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I have two papers if you want them, they both go hand in hand.  Week 5 assinment is due thursday and the other paper is due by feb 21’st.
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week 5
Once you have reviewed Uniting Against Terrorism, respond to the following “three” part question (answer in three distinct parts – part one, part two, and part three):
Part 1. In your opinion, have U.S. counter-terrorism policies negatively affected individual rights and liberties of law abiding U.S. citizens?
Part 2. Select one recommendation from the UN report (Uniting Against Terrorism) and discuss the major challenges to implementing the recommendation.
Part 3. Review the terrorism event research project assignment (listed under Assignments) “due in week seven” and relate your initial thoughts on completing the project. Briefly, but specifically, identify what “event” (in the last 45 days) you are considering andwhat security and counter-terrorism measures, strategies, etc. you are preliminarily contemplating for project inclusion. Depending on the nature of your event, include preliminary standard/typical force protection and physical, personnel and/or procedural security measures (not just counter-terrorism measures) to prevent or mitigate this type of event. Ensure you include an in-text citation in the body of part three and a corresponding reference at the end of this forum response that has a link to your chosen event

This is the other paper / powerpoint I need done

assinment #2      week 7 paper

Assignment Instructions

Terrorism Event Research Project Presentation:
This project presentation requires you to answer when, who, where, what how (tactic employed), what definition, and the specific and broad type of terrorism related to any terrorist event that has occurred anywhere in the world from “14 days prior to the start of the course” to “one week prior to your assignment being due at the end of week seven.” Events outside (before or after) this specific time/date period will receive a zero. The final section, where most points can be earned, requires you to identify and explain security and counter-terrorism measures in relation to your selected type of terrorism. Each section/slide should be concise/brief or provides specific word length requirements.
Mandatory Protect Slide Format (sequence and specific headings):
Slide 1:
Title slide (similar to an APA title page – event title, name, date, etc., but no running head)
Slide 2:
When: (date)
Who: (terrorist group and/or affiliation)
Where: (city, state, province, country)
Slide 3:
What: (“in “no more than 100 words,” relate the incident, but do “not” copy and paste news reports here). Ensure you include an in-text citation here (referenced at the end of the project). As not to make the slide “busy” (crowded), you should use the speaker notes section for most of your “100 words” (the slide for major titles, points, etc.)
Slide 4:
Tactic Employed: (hijacking, bombing, kidnapping, assassination, etc.) Be specific and concise.
Slide 5:
Formal/Major Terrorism Definition Used to Label this Event as a Terrorist Act: (FBI, UN, EU, etc.) Ensure you include an in-text citation here for the source of your definition (referenced at the end of the project presentation). Explain specifically how your event appropriately “fits” this definition. Be specific and concise. A common point deduction for “not” explaining how the definition fits the specific event.
Slide 6:
Type of Terrorism: (in “no more than 100 words,” explain the type of terrorism: religious, state, right-wing, left-wing t, biological, chemical, cyber, nuclear – including radiological materials, ecological, narcotic, separatist, or issue oriented). As not to make the slide “busy” (crowded), you should use the speaker notes section for most of your “100 words” (the slide for major titles, points, etc.)
Slide 7:
International or Domestic Terrorism: (“in “no more than 100 words,” explain why this event is either international or domestic terrorism – “or” can be argued as both broad types of terrorism). As not to make the slide “busy” (crowded), you should use the speaker notes section for most of your “100 words” (the slide for major titles, points, etc.)
Slide 8 to as necessary:
Security/Counter-terrorism Measures: (describe appropriate security and counter-terrorism measures that could be employed to prevent and/or mitigate further incidents of “of the type of terrorism in this research project,” including – if appropriate for your event, force protection and standard/typical physical, personnel, and procedural security measures and/or strategies – “not only/just” counter-terrorism measures). Sub-sections (with headings throughout “this section”) should be used for organizational presentation of your specific measures. To be considered, “each” specific measure must stand out via a heading.
The measures section of your project will constitute 50% of your score. Therefore, the more security and counter-terrorism measures you relate and explain well, the higher your score. Ensure you measures are “concise” and that your explanations of the measures are detailed. This section should be a minimum of four slides and include a minimum of six measures. Those wishing for superior scores should exceed the minimum.
Next Slide:
Conclusion: (conclude with a strong wrap of your project and title itConclusion) Common point loss for those that omit this slide.
Final Slide/s:
References: Use a minimum of eight “outside” (non-textbook) credible sources to support your research project. Your final slide will be titled References. Recall to adhere to the APA for reference formatting: alphabetize (common point loss), only first initials for first names (common point loss), double space references, use a second/third line 0.5” hanging indent, References must have matching in-text citations in the body of your project (and vice versa). Do “not” list only electronic links/websites.
TIPS to Avoid Loss of Points: Follow all above instructions. Do “not” use contractions (don’t, isn’t, etc.) or “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” and “her/him” in academic writing. Avoid “crowding” slides with too much content (words, generally). Use the speaker notes section at the bottom the slide to place most of your wording.
Tips for a High Quality/Superior Slide Presentation: Enhance your slides with data (charts, graphs, etc.) and perhaps some professional graphics (images, diagrams, etc.) and “some” color to make it more content rich and visually appealing. “Only” presentations that follow the above directions and are both content rich and visually appealing will receive “superior scores.”
Projects must be submitted/uploaded into Assignments as an attached “MS PowerPoint” document only for grading.
Lastly, avoid any plagiarism issues, and do include use previously used work from other classes.


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