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LAB 13

As the IT specialists of an organization you should be aware of software programs such as VeraCrypt that allows users to create hidden volumes inside other files such as a picture or word document. We have talked about outsider threats and now covering insider threats.
From the previous exercise an employee was suspected of saving client username and passwords. One obvious point – to find hidden drives is by looking at the file size for most word documents and images sizes are in megabytes. While a file that normally should be small is 2 GB on an employees workstation should draw a red flag.. For a better understanding you will do the following.

  • Watch the video (below)
  • Download VeraCrypt
  • Input the attached file inside a hidden volume
  • Take screen shots of the process, after every screenshot write a brief description of what is happening in the picture.

In the “conclusion” section answer the questions:

  • What is an insider threat?
  • Do you recommend that employees be able to download and install programs without permission?
    WeServeEveryone Clinic  
    1111 First Street California 111-111-11111   Fax: 111-111-1111 Chart Summary

    Monica Latte

    Home: 444-444-4444 Female  DOB: 04/04/1950 0000-44444 Ins: Commercial xxxxx

    Patient Information

    Name: Monica Latte Home Phone: 444-444-4444
    Address: 4444 Coffee Ave                 Chocolate, California Office Phone:
    Patient ID: 0000-44444 Fax:
    Birth Date: 04/04/1950 Status: Active
    Gender: Female Marital Status: Divorced
    Contact By: Phone Race: Black
    Soc Sec No: 444-444-4444 Language: English
    Resp Prov: Carl Savem MRN: MR-111-1111
    Referred by: Emp. Status: Full-time
    Email: Sens Chart: No
    Home LOC:WeServeEveryone External ID: MR-111-1111

    PRINIVIL TABS 20 MG (LISINOPRIL) 1 po qd Last Refill: #30 x 2 : Carl Savem MD (08/27/2010) HUMULIN INJ 70/30 (INSULIN REG & ISOPHANE (HUMAN)) 20 units ac breakfast Last Refill: #600 u x 0 : Carl Savem MD (08/27/2010)
    Allergies and Adverse Reactions (! = critical)
    Services Due
    3/18/2011 – Office Visit: F/u Diabetes Provider: Carl Savem MD Location of Care: WeServeEveryone Clinic
    History of Present Illness  Reason for visit: Routine follow up  Chief Complaint: No complaints
    Diabetes Management  Hyperglycemic Symptoms  Polyuria: no Polydipsia: no Blurred vision: no
    Sympathomimetic Symptoms  Diaphoresis: no Agitation: no Tremor: no Palpitations: no Insomnia: no
    Neuroglycopenic Symptoms  Confusion: no Lethargy: no Somnolence: no Amnesia: no Stupor: no Seizures: no
    Review of Systems
    General: denies fatigue, malaise, fever, weight loss Eyes: denies blurring, diplopia, irritation, discharge Ear/Nose/Throat: denies ear pain or discharge, nasal obstruction or discharge, sore throat Cardiovascular: denies chest pain, palpitations, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, orthopnea, edema Respiratory: denies coughing, wheezing, dyspnea, hemoptysis Gastrointestinal: denies abdominal pain, dysphagia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation Genitourinary: denies hematuria, frequency, urgency, dysuria, discharge, impotence, incontinence Musculoskeletal: denies back pain, joint swelling, joint stiffness, joint pain Skin: denies rashes, itching, lumps, sores, lesions, color change Neurologic: denies syncope, seizures, transient paralysis, weakness, paresthesias Psychiatric: denies depression, anxiety, mental disturbance, difficulty sleeping, suicidal ideation, hallucinations, paranoia Endocrine: denies polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, weight change, heat or cold intolerance Heme/Lymphatic: denies easy or excessive bruising, history of blood transfusions, anemia, bleeding disorders, adenopathy, chills, sweats Allergic/Immunologic: denies urticaria, hay fever, frequent UTIs; denies HIV high risk behaviors
    Vital Signs

    WeServeEveryone Clinic March 24, 2011
    1111 First Street California 111-111-11111   Fax: 111-111-1111 Page 2 Chart Summary

    Ht: 64 in. Wt: 140 lbs.T: 98.0 degF. T site: oral P: 72 Rhythm: regular R: 16 BP: 158/90
    Physical Exam
    General Appearance: well developed, well nourished, no acute distress Eyes: conjunctiva and lids normal, PERRLA, EOMI, fundi WNL Ears, Nose, Mouth, Throat: TM clear, nares clear, oral exam WNL Respiratory: clear to auscultation and percussion, respiratory effort normal Cardiovascular: regular rate and rhythm, S1-S2, no murmur, rub or gallop, no bruits, peripheral pulses normal and symmetric, no cyanosis, clubbing, edema or varicosities Skin: clear, good turgor, color WNL, no rashes, lesions, or ulcerations
    Problems (including changes): Blood pressure is lower. Feet are inspected and there are no callouses, no compromised skin. No vision complaints.
    Impression: Sub optimal sugar, control with retinopathy and neuropathy, high glucometer readings. Will work harder on diet. Will increase insulin by 2 units.
    Home Glucose Monitoring: AC breakfast 110 to 220 AC breakfast mean 142 AC dinner 100 to 250 AC dinner mean 120
    Medications: HUMULIN INJ 70/30 20 u ac breakfast
    PRINIVIL TABS 20 MG 1 qd
    Treatment: Will have annual foot exam at next visit.
    UA Metabolic Panel
    Education/Counseling (time): 5 minutes
    Coordination of Care (time): 20 minutes
    Follow-up/Return Visit: 3 months
    Disposition: return to clinic

    WeServeEveryone Clinic March 24, 2011
    1111 First Street California 111-111-11111   Fax: 111-111-1111 Page 2 Chart Summary

    03/18/2011 – Lab Report: Metabolic Panel Provider: Carl Savem MD
    (1) Metabolic Panel(ML-03CHEM)

    ALK PHOS 72 35-100
    BG  RANDOM 125  mg/dl 70-125
    BUN 16  mg/dl 7-25
    CALCIUM 9.6  mg/dl 8.2-10.2
    CHLORIDE 101  mmol/l 96-109
    CO2 27  mmol/l 23-29
    CREATININE 0.7  mg/dl 0.6-1.2
    PO4 2.9  mg/dl 2.5-4.5
    POTASSIUM 4.5  mmol/l 3.5-5.3
    SGOT  (AST) 31  U/L 0-40
    BILI  TOTAL 0.7  mg/dl 0.0-1.3
    URIC  ACID 4.8  mg/dl 3.4-7.0
    LDH,  TOTAL 136  IU/L 0-200
    SODIUM 135  mmol/l 135-145

    (2) HbA1c Test HbA1c level 6.0% (3) Lipid Profile Cholesterol, Total   210 mg/dl Triglycerides           236 mg/dl HDL Cholesterol    36 LDL Cholesterol     107

    WeServeEveryone Clinic March 24, 2011
    1111 First Street California 111-111-11111   Fax: 111-111-1111 Page 2 Chart Summary

    Female  DOB: 04/04/1950                      0000-44444                          Ins: Commercial xxxxx

      Date 03/18/2011
    HEIGHT (in) 64
    WEIGHT (lb) 140
    TEMPERATURE (deg F) 98
    TEMP SITE oral
    PULSE RATE (/min) 72
    RESP RATE (/min) 16
    BP SYSTOLIC (mm Hg) 158
    BP DIASTOLIC (mm Hg) 90
    CHOLESTEROL (mg/dL)  
    HDL (mg/dL)  
    LDL (mg/dL)  
    BG RANDOM (mg/dL) 125
    FLU VAX  
    TD BOOSTER 0.5 ml g
    Foot Exam  
    Eye Exam Complete


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