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Lab 3: Demographics

Fill this sheet out and submit via the link given in Blackboard.
· Begin by going to the following website: https://www.learner.org/courses/envsci/interactives/demographics/
· Then click the link labeled Open Simulator.
· This will bring up a simulator, which is pre-loaded with demographic data from various countries.
Part 1. Age Structure Diagrams
1. Using the tool provided on the website, examine the 2015 population, the growth rate, and the age structure diagram for each of the following countries. Match the overall profile of the age structure diagram to one of the shapes given below.
Shape   1
Shape   2
Shape 3
Shape   4
Shape   5
Table of Age Structure Shapes to Match
2. Without changing any of the default settings for the country of interest, click the Step button 7 times, which advances the simulation to the year 2050. (Each click of the step button advanced the simulation 5 years).
Write down the predicted population for 2050, as well as age structure shape that most closely matches the simulation.


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