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Lithium Battery Technology

Lithium Battery Technology.

TAKE – HOME PROBLEM QUIZ 03: Lithium Battery Technology

SCOPE : approximately 4 pages.

DUE DATE: FRIDAY 27 , 2019


· TITLE PAGE: Title, Author, Chemistry course, Date, Professor, etc.

· INTRODUCTION. Briefly explain the importance of Lithium Batteries, including well known applications in automobiles and in telecommunications.   Include economic factors.

· DIAGRAM. Include a detailed diagram, manually drawn. No “cut and paste”. Show the following features:






· CHEMICAL REACTIONS. Write the reaction occurring at the ANODE. Write the reaction occurring at the CATHODE. How much voltage is being generated?

· FORM a TABLE Include technical features including Voltage , Amperage, Charge Density, Re-charge cycle, etc.

· ADVANTAGES vs DISADVANTAGES. Include hazardous conditions.

Lithium Battery Technology


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