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1. Based on the needs analysis you have completed, as well as the specific goals of your project, what are some key indicators that will help you evaluate success? Why is this kind of pre-assessment valuable to leaders? To your project? This question will help you create the survey that due in this topic.
2. Throughout your program, you have engaged with a variety of leadership theories, models, and concepts. As you embark on implementing your capstone, which theory, model, or concept has been the most helpful, and why? Did this change from your initial brainstorming or outline?
3. How is your capstone project innovative for the organization you have chosen? Identify ways your capstone is forward-thinking but also appropriate for the “now” of the organization.
4. Reflect on your experience mentoring and coaching throughout the Master of Science in Leadership program. Is your capstone project connected to mentorship or coaching? Are you able to apply mentorship or coaching skills directly or indirectly to the capstone project?

Management homework help


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