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Projects that conform to the Agile methodology often use something called a scrum
board. You can think of a scrum board as a digital whiteboard containing yellow
"stickies," each listing a task, posted beneath categories such as "to do," "in process," in
testing," etc. Using a scrum board in this way allows all project members to see where
important tasks are in the overall project process quickly and easily.
For this Learning Team assignment, you will collaborate with your team members to
create an Agile scrum board based on the Global Treps project from the Wk 2 Team
assignment (see below).
Note that in an industry situation, you would most likely use a specialized software tool
to manage your scrum board such as Jira, Rally, Asana, or Basecamp. However, in this
course, you will be using a tool that you may already be familiar
with—Microsoft Excel—to create your scrum board and other deliverables. It is the
organization and assignment of tasks that is important about a scrum board, not the
specific software tool you use to create and manage it.
To complete this Learning Team assignment:
Reread the Global Treps Scenario that you read in the Wk 2 Team – Apply assignment.
Review the Learning Team Scrum Board Example spreadsheet. (Note: Click
the Board tab that appears at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see the scrum board
Create a scrum board in Microsoft Excel format, similar to the linked example, to align
with the project scoping document your team created in Wk 2. Ensure that your finished
scrum board incorporates a project budget.
Submit the team assignment.
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