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Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.

I have attached requirements for the assignment and also I have attached my work up until now. Below you can find a proposed structure

  1. Background (tv showss social media following, twitter, youtube)
    1. Target audience
      1. Her effect on different target audience
      2. Lifestyle and perfect life
    2. Consumer segmentation (main bases of segmentation)
      1. Demographics
      2. Psychographics
      3. Behavioral 
  2. Soft power, virals, selling power of products
    1. Snapchat
    2. Life as a business
    3. Rise and shine
    4. Lip filler
  3. Kylie lip kit & Kylie cosmetics
  4. (halo effect)
  5. (brand element choice criteria)
  6. (create culminate model)
  7.  (brand personality and brand identity)
  8.  (the brand system)
  9. (perimeters of brand extensions)
  10.  (consumer behavior find on slides)
  11. Marketing
  12. Buzz
  13. Scarcity
  14. collaborations
  15. Kylie skin (line extension)
  16. Effectiveness of her branding
    1. Valuation
      1. Actually purchased for 600M
    2. Brand equity
  • attachment

  • attachment

  • attachment


Marketing homework help


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