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  1. What does Gan Integrity do? We do know it is a compliance technology company, can you tell us more about this?
    Here is our boiler plate:
    GAN transforms the way compliance programs operate by bringing together all of your critical compliance systems, documents, and data into a single, fully-integrated platform. Our solution includes support for risk assessment and evaluation, third party due diligence, training, policy management, whistleblower hotline & case management, and gifts/entertainment/conflicts of interest.
    This really comes down to giving organizations the ability to comply with Anti-Corruption and other compliance laws across the world including the FCPA (US), Anti-Bribery Act (UK) and SAPIN II (France).

Some good publications to check out include: complianceweek.com, the FCPA blog, RadicalCompliance.com

  1. Who are your main competitors? Among these competitors, who is the number one competitor? (Please give us at least 3 – 5 companies)


    1. NAVEX Global (navexglobal.com) – #1
    2. Convercent (convercent.com)
    3. Steele (steeleglobal.com)
    4. Kroll (kroll.com)


  1. What are the main problems of your clients?

-Lacking the ability to monitor all compliance issues in a single platform.
-Inability to quickly report on compliance efforts across the organization, especially when information is requested from a governmental agency.
-Working with more and more third parties, requiring greater due diligence to avoid penalties.

  1. Who are your clients? Industry/ Size and any other details you can give us.
    We have clients across the board in terms of size, industry, etc. Here are a few:

Anheuser-Busch InBev – 200,000 employees, beverage, $45 billion revenue
Coach Inc – 17,000 employees, fashion, $4.24 billion revenue
Cargill – 150,000 employees, agricultural, $109 billion revenue

  1. What’s your monthly budget for the marketing and what are the main tactics/channels you are investing in?
    Budgeting for 2018 is currently being set but is estimated at $45,000/month. Main tactics will be paid search & social, tradeshows, etc.


  1. What is the main objective of your website? What do you want achieve?
    -Demand generation – we need to capture net new customer inquiries and get them exposed to our product. We need to specifically increase demo requests.
    -Brand awareness – our brand is not well known in the US so we want to convey who we are and our thought leadership in the space to increase credibility


  1. What are the main marketing objectives you want to achieve this year(2019)


  • Significant revenue contribution
  • Growing GAN Brand awareness



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